Our tools and systems 

Our standardisation and automation tool, the engineering database, has consistent data recording and processing methods to guarantee high standards of quality and efficient work. And our iQOS process management system represents the latest standard in process management system engineering yet is still remarkably easy to use.

Object-oriented engineering thanks to engineering database

The engineering database provides the central basis for development of the project and forms the backbone of quality control in terms of hardware and software development. For a project, all the relevant data is imported into the engineering database so that the relevant objects and modules can be put together for the different stages.

A safe hand through every process thanks to iQOS

Our iQOS process management system is flexible and scalable and can be applied to processes and systems of all sizes. It offers a range of options for the control, monitoring, visualisation and operation of the system. The key benefits of iQOS include high reliability, high-performance automation units and maximum availability. The control system is easy to use and provides the user with a perfect overview at all times.

A safe hand through every process thanks to iQOS wastewater

Detailed information on our tools and systems can be found in the following brochures:

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